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A selection of end of lines, overstocks, clearance lines and 'seconds'. Amazing value DIY tools and accessories at a fraction of normal RRP.
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Reflectors red, amber, clear, screw fit or self adhesive. Reflective triangles. Trailer reflectors, driveway reflectors, bike reflectors. Prices from 65p
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Auto Tools
Auto tools and accessories. Air gauges, hose clamps, car tools & electrical accessories. Engine pick up tools, wire strippers, cutters & crimpers.
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DIY Hand Tools
DIY Hand tools online from Tools & Leisure. We stock a range of socket, screwdriver & drill bit sets for home DIY. Also available: Silverline & Blue Spot tools.
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Leisure Products
Leisure products and accessories for the motorhome/caravan enthusiast. Tent pegs, s-hooks, spirit levels, puncture repairs kits, wire brushes and more.
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Towing Accessories
Extensive range of towing accessories & products. Trailer and caravan reflectors, towing hitch pins, towing parts and general accessories. Also available: lynch pins & r clips.
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Gardening Tools & Fittings
Gardening tools, accessories and fittings. Hose connectors, fittings, hose nozzle, sprinklers, secateurs, sharpening stones
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Power Tool Accessories
Stainless Cutting Discs, Drill Attachments, Flap Discs, Grinder Accessories, SDS adapters, Stone Grinding and Cutting Disc
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Pliers & Cutters
Circlip pliers, wrenches and cutters. Selection of tin snips, fencing pliers, water pump pliers, wire and cable cutters and vice grips.
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Plumbing Tools
Plumbing tools and accessories. We stock a large range of box spanners and basin wrenches. Also available: O rings, PTFE tape, tube cutters & radiator keys.
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Hobby Tools
Comprehensive selection of DIY hobby tools and accessories from tools & Leisure. Artists brushes, paints, utility knives, spare blades, micro clamps
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Woodworking Tools
Woodworking tools, hand drills, hole saws, centre pins, dowel pins and countersink bits from Toolzone, Silverline, Hilka and Bluespot Tools.
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Measuring Tools
DIY tape measures - all sizes - stainless steel rulers only £1.00 each - combination protractor squares, tape measures
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Engineering Tools
Tap and Die sets, Rivets, Hacksaw Blades, Punches, Files, Scribers, Hex Keys
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Hardware Accessories
A selection of hardware boxes and accessories including copper washers, cotter pins, O rings, replacement car fuses and fibre washers.
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Padlocks and Chains
Brass padlocks, hasp and staple, shutter locks, pvc coated chains, security locks. Excellent selection of heavy duty padlocks at affordable prices
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Clamps and Clips
A comprehensive selection of micro spring clamps for all those DIY/school related jobs. Perfect for model making or hobby enthusiast.
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Household Products
A good selection of useful household items including yellow dusters, scissors, dishcloths, bin bags, plasters, nappy bags, cable/zip ties. Prices from Only 99p.
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Moccasin Slippers For Women
Comfortable hand made moccasin slippers. Fur lined moccasins and cotton lined moccasins. Made in the West Country. Sizes 3-8. Superb quality.
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Moccasin Slippers For Men
Superb quality hand made moccasin slippers for Men. Fur lined & cotton lined moccasins. Made in the West Country. Sizes 6-12. Available in Brown and Navy. £8.99 per pair.
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Shoe Insoles
Extremely comfortable hand made shoe insoles. Made in the West Country. Simply place in your shoes, no glue/adhesive needed. Sizes 3-11.
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CDs and DVDs
An ever increasing selection of special interest music and dvds including cds from the 50s, 60s, 70s and 80s and steam and vintage collection dvds
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